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Write Around Portland

Write Around Portland’s mission is to change lives through the power of writing. Since 1999 they have provided high-quality, participant-centered, creative writing workshops in partnership with hospitals, schools, prisons, social service agencies, treatment centers, low-income housing providers and more.

Write Around Portland believes that writing is a powerful tool for individual and societal transformation, self-expression, healing and the realization of the dignity of one’s self and others. They also believe that writing and sharing stories helps us access our common humanity and connects individuals and groups who are often separated by age, race, income level, gender, ethnicity, language, sexual orientation, health status, education level and the geographic and social boundaries of neighborhoods. In any life, especially one lived in poverty or isolation, there is a vital need for art, community and joy.

The workshop curriculum focuses on experiential learning, generating new writing and building on the writers’ strengths. Workshop participants write stories, poems, memoirs, letters and essays while experimenting with imagery, character development, dialogue and early-draft revision. Every week participants write, share and provide positive feedback to grow as writers and build respectful community. Workshops are facilitated by trained volunteers who write and share alongside participants.

As a non-profit organization, Write Around Portland relies on individual donors, grants and foundations to support their work. For more information, please visit their website at