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Resources for Writing and Healing

I’m not sure if the field of writing and healing is growing or not–maybe? I think it is.

I do know it’s thriving in many lovely niches where people are quietly, or not so quietly, doing the work.

Here are some valuable sites I’ve come across and have finally gotten around to collecting on one page:

Write Around Portland

Iris Madelyn

Warrior Writers

Writing for Wellbeing (and a book by the same name)

Writing Your Life workshops  (and a book, Listen to Me: Writing Life into Meaning)

Writing Through Cancer (and two books)

Word Medicine

Heal Write Now

Recovering Words

Carol Henderson: workshops and books

Out of the Blue Writing

Poems of Consolation

Project Lost and Found

Kids are Gifts: A Personal Journey

Wisdom in Waves

Gillie Bolton (and this piece on writing as medicine)

Maureen Murdock