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Months 1&2: Creating a Healing Place

The idea here is to begin the process of writing and healing—to ground the process of writing and healing—in a healing place. But you don’t need to live at the edge of a lake or at the foot of a mountain in order to do this. That’s the beauty of writing: you can begin by creating your own healing place—with words. And you can draw on the healing places of others to do so.

You may want to begin with the very first healing prompt I ever wrote for this site: Designing a healing retreat.

Or with this piece about a cure cottage come to life in a short story: “The Cure” by Andrea Barrett

Or here: an enhanced version of the first chapter of my new book which is all about healing place.

Or perhaps with one of these writing prompts:


The Body as a Healing Place

The Easiest Writing and Healing Prompt Ever

A Shopping Spree

Writing to Discover Needs and Desires

Buy a Box

Conjuring Images for Healing

A Scavenger Hunt

Who to Bring on the Train

Photo is by Cameraman from Geograph. It’s of a cottage near Snowshill in Gloucestershire, Great Britain