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It’s a tortoise. It’s slow. It’s in process. And this is the page where any progress on the book will be posted.

(Would it be at all relevant to say that I am working right now on publishing a book of my students’ work? The book is a collection of essays and poetry and letters on the American Dream and through the process I’m learning a lot about formatting a book and publishing at Create Space. I’m going to go ahead and think of this book on student work as a steppingstone—and keep moving.)

The photo is of an Aldabra giant tortoise. Very giant. The male weighs up to 550 pounds. Most of them live on islands in the Indian Ocean. They are described as “characteristically slow and cautious,” but “capable of appreciable speed.”

I continue to hope that this metaphor will bode well for my book—and that my book might soon discover its capacity for appreciable speed.


Photo from Wikipedia, where you can also learn more about the Aldabra giant tortoise