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Writing and Healing Prompt: Ira Progoff’s Stepping Stones in Three Dimensions

Posted on Jul 13, 2014 by

Stepping Stones, River Rothay

Another useful way to work with stepping stones, building from last week’s prompt, is to take a set of stones and add another layer:


What did I want at each stone?

What was my motivation?

 And why did I want that?

And why did that matter?

And what was beneath that?


It’s like taking a two-dimensional map and adding another dimension—the dimension of depth.

The dimension of why.


You can begin to deepen the map in this way.

You can notice threads that emerge—patterns.

You can see how your motivations may have changed over time.

The previous piece on stepping stones is here.

The photo, Stepping Stones, River Rothay, is by Chris Heaton and can be found here.