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Writing and Healing Prompt: Choose a Word

Posted on Mar 23, 2014 by

Contentment Card

This follows from last week’s writing prompt and also from coming across a post recently by Sharon Bray. She’s an author and teacher who posts weekly writing prompts at her site, Writing Through Cancer; she wrote a lovely post in January about choosing a word for the entire year.

You can consciously choose a word (or two) that you want to explore and consider and define.

Here are some possible words:

contentment, delight, patience, kindness, healing, recovery, grief, sorrow, peace, reprieve, time, impermanence, death, love, compassion, success, regret, guilt,  meditation, happiness.

But it could be any word.

Periodically, I’ll ask students to choose a word for our writing catalyst for the day. The other day one student chose omnipotent. Another chose vitriolic. Another chose divulge.


(In 2015 Sharon Bray chose the word heart–but that post seems to have disappeared. In 2016, she chose the word clarity.)