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One Year of Writing and Healing, the Book

Posted on Feb 9, 2014 by



What can I say? The book is a tortoise. One Year of Writing and Healing, a deep revision and rewriting of my other site, is not moving quickly—but it is moving—a close-to-final draft finished.  I’ll post updates here periodically.

Meanwhile, I have a table of contents:


Months One & Two: Creating a Healing Place 

Month Three: Healing as Quest?

Month Four: Drawing a Map 

Months Five & Six: Developing the Habit of Writing

Month Seven: Listening for the Voice of the Body 

Month Eight: Making a Place for Grief 

Months Nine & Ten: Figuring Out the Good Part 

Month Eleven: Gathering Resources for the Long Haul

Month Twelve: Creating a Guest House  

And you are welcome to visit One Year of Writing and Healing, the website, here.

(I’ve taken down the old chapters I had previously posted while I work away at them.)

The photo is of an Aldabra giant tortoise. Very giant. The male weighs up to 550 pounds. Most of them live on islands in the Indian Ocean. They are described as “characteristically slow and cautious,” but “capable of appreciable speed.”

I’m hoping this metaphor will bode well for my book—and that it might soon discover its capacity for appreciable speed.


Photo from Wikipedia, where you can also learn more about the Aldabra giant tortoise