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Writing and Healing Idea #4: The Easiest Writing and Healing Exercise Ever

Posted on Aug 28, 2006 by

purple crocus neil bromhall

Take a moment before going to bed. One minute or three minutes—five at the most. Make a cup of tea if you like. Then open a notebook. And write a single word that describes the day. Just one word. An adjective perhaps: LOUSY. SWEET. DIFFICULT. A noun that could describe a moment from the day: PURPLE CROCUS. PANCAKES. NEW SHOES. A verb: SWIMMING. HURTING. RUNNING. Any word at all. Or, if you are too tired to write that word, write down, simply, I am too tired to write tonight. And that can be enough.

The idea here is to grow the habit of writing every day–even if it’s only to write one sentence–or one word. This can be how a writing practice begins.


Photo is from a time lapse video of a crocus opening by Neil Bromhall